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The East European Jewish Heritage Project, because of its long history of research in the Jewish community and East Europe is able to offer a full range of research services about past and present day life in the region.

Over the years we have assisted film producers and directors, authors, journalists and TV and radio producers; medical researchers, academics and social analysts.

We have an understanding of the contents of the national archives and other official resources as well as a broad range of our own resources to hand. Additionally we have extensive contacts with experts in a broad field of subjects. Our deep experience of field work, location scouting, and knowledge of the region can be brought to bear for your projects. We also provide technical support for media, film and television production.

We are pleased to answer basic inquiries without charge and will gladly quote for more extensive projects. You can reach us by phone (see below), Skype, using the
contact form or requesting a call.

How we can help

Amongst the services we provide are:

Archival research
● Documentary and portrait photography
● Interviewing
● “Fixer” for television, film, journalism
● Location scouting
● Travel support
● Support services for your own on-site research

It is always a privilege to help

email: info@eejhp.org
Skype: fjsminsk
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Preserving the Past to Save the Future