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Preserving the Past to Save the Future

Over the years the East European Jewish Heritage Project has developed a range of activities to assist Jewish communities and individuals revive their heritage and to become self-sufficient. We prefer to work at the local level where we can make the greatest difference. It is also at that level that individuals and communities can have the biggest impact in shaping their own futures.

By working at the local, grassroots level we find that aid is more effectively, efficiently and economically provided. It allows us to assure you that your aid and assistance goes where you intend it to go.

The East European Jewish Heritage Project provides humanitarian and medical aid to both the Jewish and non-Jewish population. How and to whom aid is given is based on need and the preference of donors. The EEJHP does not practice aid discrimination. We serve all Jewish traditions including: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Secular. The EEJHP will work with any group or organisation that shares our commitment to direct distribution, openness of transactions and fairness of distribution. We encourage programmes that allow Jews to interact, reach out and provide leadership in the broader community.

We always want your suggestions of ways to help:
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Amongst our many past and current initiatives:

Aid to hospitals, schools and orphanages throughout the country
Distribution of prescription hearing aids to thousands needy men,women and children
Distribution of clothes, food, hygiene products and other material aid to the Jewish communities
Home health care visits in local communities
Provision nationally of mezuzot, tallit, tefelin, menorahs, other Judaica and prayer books
Education programmes in the national schools about Jewish life, past and present
Medical clinic and visiting doctor in Minsk and other cities
Home visitors for families with children with profound multiple learning disabilities
Mobile vision outreach programme for rural areas supplying eye examinations and glasses for individuals in isolated villages
Mobility aids for the disabled
Reporting network to alert us to individuals in need

These are just a few of our ongoing programmes. More are always being added and they all emphasise Self-Sufficiency. In every instance we are guided by the advice and needs of the local community. They are always our co-initiators, partners and volunteers in all of these activities. We never impose aid. We always ask what is needed and how it is to be distributed. We work closely with our sister organisation Voluntas to assure effective distribution of aid and conformity with all legal requirements.

Please contact us with your ideas.

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Preserving the Past to Save the Future
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